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Good Old Village Persons do BOTMC + “Wish I Was”

Stairwell Sisters as Good Old Village Persons at BOTMC

You bet!

AND, Sue’s song “Wish I Was” was just nominated for song of the year in the bluegrass category – Just Plain Folks Awards!

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Stairwell Sisters Now Available from…

…& FEATURED on MILES OF MUSIC home page. “It’s a Cracker – 100% Guaranteed”

Feet All Over the Floor
The Stairwell Sisters

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Strawberry + Yreka + CO + Grass Valley

Summer/June – slam packed. Us crazies somehow got the idea we wanted to be away every week/weekend in June – and so it was.

STRAWBERRY proved to be an amazing time! Always such a well-run festival. Great folks, staff, and surroundings. It was hot AND it was cold and snowed! Really enjoyed playing our new gospel numbers. We had a ball gallavanting with Martha Scanlon (who we bow down to), Roy Andrade, and Travis & Trevor Stuart. We attempted to sleep in the attached cabin one night…er, 3am morning, while “Sweet Home Alabama” and other 70s country hits complete with wild raucus stomping made our beds jump off the floor. And we had a lot of Bay area pals to pick with in our fancy Corbin Pagter hilltop camp oasis. Thanks to Keith & Clay Terry, Brian, Corbin, Tracy, Sabra, and Isaac. We even got Sue’s fella, Brian to pull out his accordion, and more importantly, wear our red shirt while selling merch. Now, if you didn’t know…that is something. Big fun with Faux Renwahs – Cactus Bob, Prairie Flower Chris, Michael Kennedy, and Masha, and Mark & Penny from Fresno area too. Dance Monkeys Dance!

YREKA – how can you go wrong with so many great old-time bands in one place!? Dirk Powell (his fiddle, wooden banjo, and cajun accordion), Foghorn, Mercury Dimes, Gov’t Issue Orch, Tom Sauber and gang, Caroline and Michael calling dances. It was even warm at night this time! We had a fine Son Jarocho jam w/Michael Ismerio and Dan Tennenbaum too.

We’re off to the beautiful COLORADO mountains where we hear it’ll be 90 degrees. More on this soon…

Look for 10 old-time gals stirring up a ruckus at GRASS VALLEY next weekend!
2 words – YUBA RIVER.

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Ok People, Stepher Is Back! + Evie’s Endorses GHS Strings!

Look for plenty of shows with that gal. No rest for the weary!!

And Evie got an endorsement from GHS! She swears by their JD Crowe light banjo string (they even have a red & black logo…fancy that).

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Our Midwest Tour With Bill Foss

First, a heartfelt thanks to all those that were so kind to us on our little tour through the midwest! We all converged in Chicago (Evie, Martha, Bill & son Danny all drove up from Indiana after their visits there). It began for some of us with a Vienna beef hot dog (tofu for Marth). It was a joy for Lisa to hang in Wicker Park where here Grandpa’s hot dog stand used to be located. Next, a little picking to get up to speed with Bill Foss who learned all our songs and tunes for one tour in a very short period of time – and absolutely wow’d us all. He even had a cold and could hardly talk – but made us all belly laugh everytime he yelled out "Fiddler A Dram" in the most inadvertantly drunken sounding shout from the back of the stage. How can we possibly thank him enough?!

Next was a peek through Fitzgerald’s history – from their beautiful commemorative book to their signed accordion-adorned walls. We were honored to have so many of our friends, comrades, and family in the audience! Big ups to Sue’s friends Elizabeth, Donny, and Alan for putting us up. And there were so many more of you! It was a pleasure to meet Jeffrey Mankin of the Steampowered Preservation Society who recorded our show (man, those SPPS folks are everywhere!). Lisa checked out to the Old-town School of Folk Music and was pretty floored – what an inspiring place. We’re honored that they’ve expressed interest in us playing there next time we make it out to Chicago. Thanks also to Old Town School dobro teacher Rob Anderlik for his support and suggestions.

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Enormous Thanks Go To Elise Engelberg & Bill Foss!

We’re ever so grateful to Elise Engelberg (of The Mercury Dimes) for all the time and talent she put in to help us Stairwell Sisters out while Steph has been gone. We enjoyed playing with her so much and were amazed at how quickly she learned everything (and how fast she could play those tunes). We look forward to playing with her again in Colorado in June for a little tour that Steph can’t make. Of course, we are sure looking forward to the return of Steph around April 20th!! Before her return we have one more tour – to the midwest (Chicago & Michigan) where we’ll have the honor of playing with yet another amazing fiddler, Bill Foss!! Please send your friends and family out there our way. And we sure look forward to meeting all our new friends that we’ve made on MySpace!

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