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News from Lake Wobegon

Stairwell Sisters with Garrison Keilor

We knew Garrison Keillor would be bringing Prairie Home Companion to San Francisco’s War Memorial Opera House on Saturday, January 13; we knew we’d be a perfect fit for his old-time radio show; but we didn’t know we’d get a call to join the program until the Tuesday before. Sue screamed so loud when she found out that we heard her clear in Oakland.

Thrilled, honored and not the least bit nervous (!), we performed to the sold-out crowd of three thousand, as well as over 4 million National Public Radio listeners.
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Steve Earle Radio / A Fan’s Patter

We’re bringing our tornado to Texas. Recent bookings include Celtic Connections in Scotland (Jan), and The Annual Horseshoe Class in Benton Hot Springs (Sept), ahhh….Here’s some of the latest.
Stairwell Sisters’ on Steve Earle’s Air American Program…
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Comments are off for this post + Big Ugly Review + etc.

Hi folks,

After wondering what it all means and do we really need to join the oh so many others on (?), we carved out our own little page. It’s rather bare bones now, but will continue to be updated. Feel free to pop on and add a line or two.

On another note, Sue’s song "Wish I Was" was chosen to be included in the "Big Ugly Review." check it out, lyrics and all.

And lastly, we seem to have channeled the weavers. Thanks to our dear friend and photographer extraordinaire, Rosey Lakos.

Oh and lastly, really – you can now find us thousands of feet up in the air on lufthansa airlines! inflight country program!

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