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Stairwell Sisters at Lincoln Center

Taking it all the way back, we’re remiss in not writing about our trip to New York City and points North. Lincoln Center kicked it off – free, out-of-doors, and we’re grateful the rain didn’t start till after we were done. Sorry to Robin & Linda Williams who followed us! We also would have like to stay to hear Percy Sledge, but it had been a very long day. After resting a bit, we headed back out at midnight (keeping on California time), to a bar in Red Hook, Brooklyn when they didn’t mind if we crowded round the entrance and played till 4am. Thanks to Thomas Bailey for scouting us a place, Joe Bass for coming out at 2, all ready to fly to the UK next day, and our homegirl Sabra, joining us from her road trip.

Several dates in NYC, then on to Boston, lobster, and a plethora of fans who filled Cantab’s on what should have been a slow Tuesday. Ithaca was a real treat – a full to overflowing Chapter House throbbed with people dancing, even on the slow, depressing songs. How great to introduce old friends Mac Benford and John Hoffman to our California girls. As always, a major thanks to Sally Freund who took us in to her beautiful country home, a respite under any circumstances.

Again, sold out crowd in Brattleboro, where we played intermission in the lobby of the theater where a crew of gals were hanging out, sorry they couldn’t get into the show. And on to the truly dreamy Dreamaway – out of the late night mist came Daniel, offering us a nightcap (I don’t think anyone has offered me a nightcap and meant an actual drink!). The coziest, funkiest, red carpet treatment, we ended our tour with wood-fired saunas and old friends coming out of the woodwork. Sarah Lee Guthrie & Johnny Irion closed out the bar with a late nite after their own show in town.

Even farther back, August began with a road-trip up north. We had a brief stop in beautiful Mt. Shasta, then on up to Portland for the Pickathon Roots Music festival, where we were blown away by the incomparable voice of Iris DeMent, and had our socks rocked off by youngsters The Avett Brothers. The best part was seeing songwriting genius Martha Scanlon and the sweet fellas in her band. A special thanks to Travis who filled in for Martha on bass.

There was a weekend in LA in there somewhere, but the dates roll on by and the friends (and cousins) keep a coming out to enjoy our music like we do. We’re very excited to hunker down here at home for a while and work up our new songs and old tunes. We hope to see you again soon.

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