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February rolls right in…



Its SFBOT Time Everyone!

The San Francisco Bluegrass & Old-Time Festival kicks off the month with concerts all over the Bay featuring more than 70 bands and your Stairwell gals are playing in all their incarnations. In addition to concerts & square dances later in the month, weve just confirmed an appearance at a very exciting event “Voices of a Peoples History” hosted by Howard Zinn and Anthony Arnove. Check out the details below, and on our website. See you out there!

xo, Evie, Lisa, Sue, Martha & Stephanie


We kicked off the new year with a rip-roaring Breakin Up Xmas Square Dance on our home turf, and thanks to all those who came to play, call or dance! We followed it up with a sold-out show in the South Bay at Mission City thanks to Dick Brundle for his work producing the Fiddling Cricket series. The Portland Old-Time Gathering was a super fun weekend up north two simultaneous giant square dances eased the crowds kudos to the Portland crowd for a festival well done. Evie spent the latter half of January recording her solo project, with Mike Marshall producing, and were all eager to hear the results, though we might have to wait a while :(Sue is promoting our punk relatives, Cousin Dale and designing a CD package for Cascada de Flores; Martha’s having fun with the Knuckle Knockers, learning to play the banjo, and fighting budget cuts to vital services in San Francisco; Lisa and Step revisit their Crooked Jades days with a reunion concert at SFBOT…and Lisa is now teaching “Music Together” as well as designing a book about Big Sur legendary restaurant Nepenthe.


We were delighted to receive an invitation to perform at Howard Zinn & Anthony Arnoves Voices of a Peoples History of the United States a show based on the book they wrote, featuring speeches and music of the disenfranchised. Join Howard Zinn with a cast of readers and musicians, including Benjamin Bratt, Josh Brolin, Diane Lane, Clarence Thomas, Kerry Washington, Robin Wright Penn, yours truly, and others tba soon. We are honored to be a part of this amazing event check their website for more info. And there have been reports of Stairwell posters sighted at Celtic Connections, the fabulous festival in Glasgow, Scotland where we raged in 2007 touting our upcoming Scotland tour. 

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